Chokes and Coils


1.5"Dia.  x .5"H High Current EMI/RFI Toroid Choke

.5" Low Current EMI/RFI Toroid Inductor Choke

.5" EMI/RFI Toroid Choke
Coil-01 $1.50   Coil-02 0.75

Coil-03 0.75

.3" Board-Mount Choke

Sub-Miniature RF Choke

Big (4.25"Dia. x 1.25"W) heavy (3.2 lbs) Choke
Coil-04 0.50

Coil-05 0.50

Coil-06 $9.75  

0.75"L x 0.75"W x 0.75H

Big (4"Dia. x 0.75"W) heavy (1.50 lbs) Choke
Coil-07 $ 1.50

Coil-08 $7.75        

Board Mount EMI/RFI Toroid

1" RF Choke

1.3"Dia. x 1.5"W x .3H Toroid
Coil-09 $1.50

Coil-10 $1.00

Coil-11 $1.50

RF Coil Choke

1"L x .75"W x .75"H Coil

0.41" L x 0.41"W x 1"H Adjustable  Coil
Coil-12 0.50

Coil-13 $1.00

Coil-14 $2.00

1.5"L x 1.3"W x .5"H Dual Wound Coil

.75"Dia. x .75"W x .25"H Choke

Coil-15 $2.00

Coil-16 $1.25

Coil-17 $1.25

2"L x .5"W x .5"H

.75"L x .5"W x .5"H - Dual Coil Though-Hole

.75"L x .125"W x .3"H - w

Coil-18 $1.00   Coil-19 0.75

Coil-20 0.50

1.3"L x .5"W x .5"H

2"L x .5"W x .5"H

1.5"L x 1.3"W x .5"H - 6.3A - 250V Dual Wound

Coil-21 0.75

Coil-22 $1.00

Coil-23 $1.25

1.5"L x 1.3"W x 1.3H

|3"L x 1.3"W x 2"H

0.4"L x 0.4"W x 0.75"H Adjustable Coil

Coil-24 $2.00

Coil-25 $9.00

Coil-26 $1.00

1"L x .125"W x .125"H

1.5"L x 0.75"W x 1.3"H - Dual-wound 5mH 3A choke

3.25" Dia. x 1.25"H
Coil-27 $1.00

Coil-28 $1.50

Coil-29 $6.00

1.5" Dia. x0.75" H

1.75"Dia x0 .75"H

1.93"Dia x0.97"H
Coil-30 $3.00

Coil-31 $3.00

Coil-32 $4.00

3.5"W x 2.5"H x 2.5"D  3.50mH Heavy Current Coil

1.3"W x 1.3"H RF Coil

Board-Mount RF coil

Coil-33 $8.00   Coil-34 $2.00   Coil-35 0.75

1.3"L x .75"W x .75"H 10.7Mhz IF Coil

.5"L x .25"W x .25"H

.5"L x .125"W x .125"H IF Coil

Coil-36 $2.00

Coil-37 0.50

Coil-38 0.50

1.3"L x 1.3"W x 1"H - Coil

1"L x 1"W x 1"H - Coil

0.29"L x 0.29"W x 0.56"H - Coil

Coil-39 $1.50   Coil-40 $2.00

Coil-41 $1.00

1.5"W x 2.05"H x 1.75"D- 4.5H

 3.25"Dia. x 1.0"H

2.0" Dia. x 1.0"H
Coil-42 $5.00

Coil-43 $6.00   Coil-44 $3.50  

1.1" Dia. x 0.43"H

Length: 0.39" Width: 0.25"

1.25" Dia. x 0.6"H
Coil-45 $2.00

Coil-46 $0.50

Coil-47 $1.50

1.60" Dia. x 0.60"H

40uH  5A
Coil-48 $2.00   Coil-49 $1.75



Ferrite Beads

F B-01

inside dia: 14mm
outside dia: 6.9mm
High: 9.7mm


F B-02

inside dia: 3.6mm
13.2(L)x7.5(W)x10.4(H) mm


F B-03

inside dia: 7.4mm
outside dia: 14.4mm
High: 7.6mm


F B-04

inside dia: 10.5mm
outside dia: 19.5mm
High: 5.4mm



F B-05

inside dia: 14mm
outside dia: 27mm
High: 11.5mm



F B-06

inside dia: 18.7mm
outside dia: 29.2mm
High: 15.6mm



F B-07

inside dia: 18.7mm
outside dia: 31mm
High: 16mm


F B-08

inside dia: 22.5mm
outside dia: 36mm
High: 15.3mm



F B-09

inside dia: 28mm
outside dia: 40mm
High: 15mm


F B-10

inside dia: 3.8mm
outside dia: 9.72mm
High: 4.99mm



F B-11

inside dia: 11.26mm
outside dia: 20.8mm
High: 32mm



F B-12

inside dia: 12.89mm
outside dia: 23.75mm
High: 36.1mm




Ferrite Rods

F R-01
2.75"L x 0.5"W x 0.13"H


F R-02

outside dia:36mm



Tuneable  RF Coils

Over  200 Coils

$ 95.00



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