This kit makes three colored lights flicker to background noise or music. Comes with schematic, PCB and necessary parts to assemble.


Price:  $29.00USD

The color organ master allows setting the overall sensitivity of the unit without concern for the volume of the music source. Each individual 'light channel' is separately adjustable. Adjustment of channel controls 1,2 and 3 allow the user to select the desired sound levels that will trigger the lamps 'on'. Each channel is responsive to approximately 1/3 of the music specrum, thusly allowing separation of operation of each lamp circuit.

Transformer T1 serves the treble function of buffering the AC of the music source from the color organ circuit, providing impedence matching between the speaker system of the music source and the color organ circuitry, and eliminating any effect the color organ controls would have on the volume of the music source.

The master control R4 allows setting the volume level required to trigger the three lamps independantly of the music source volume.

Capacitor C1 in conjunction with T1, R4, R1, R8, C2 and R5 forms a passive reactive bandpass filter network representing a unique band of frequencies. Triggering of the SCR X1 only occurs when the volume level is great enough and simultaneously contains those frequencies within the bandpass range. Triggering the SCR turns on the lamp circuit.

For channel 2, C1, T1 works in conjunction with a set of reactive components which differ in value from most of those in channel 1, and thus forms a bandpass filter network which contains a different range of frequencies. The same is true of channel 3.

Controls R1, R2 and R3 alter the bandpass characteristics of their respective filter networks as well as functioning as individual channel level controls. Rotating these controls allows literally 'tuning in' desired audio frequencies contained in the music source.

* NOTEL Higher lamp Wattages can be handled (up to 400 watts per channel) if heat sinking is provided for each SCR.


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