Antennas and Accessories

High Definition Antenna
Price: $39.00

  • High Gain Across UHF CH20-69 (Also receive VHF channels when TV station is not very far)
  • Up to 45 Miles reception range (Typical)
  • All Elements preinstalled, easy to install, assemble in seconds!!
  • Strong ALLb>SOLID aluminum design, very light (less than 3lb!!)
  • Transformer pre-installed with 75 Ohm output
  • 34X21X3 inches in size 4Lb in weight

 8-bay  Multidirectional Ultra Clear HDTV Outdoor  Antenna
with Super Strong Design


360 degree adjustable directional antenna
Strong performance across (channels 2-69) best for UHF spectrum (21-69);
Versatile high gain multi - bay antenna
Efficient design allows tremendous gain in a compact size
Designed to resist extreme wind loading
Works great in attics
Fits easily & high gain can help overcome loss from roofing materials.
All weather Balun included
Great within 70 miles or more from transmitters
Intended for people at great distances from the transmitters
Excellent reception for digital terrestrial
Suitable for HDTV of various television standards, such as American ATSC, European DVB, etc.
Super strong design suitable for all kind the weather

Frequency Range : 470-862MHz
Channels Ch. 21-69
Antenna Gain 17-22dB
Beam Width H/V H 60/ V32
Front-back Ratio 22 dB
Impedance 75Ω
Antenna Length 840mm

Price: $69.00


Price: $19.00


. 25 dB amplification
for improved reception of weak signals

.  Variable gain control to adjust amplification level

.   UHF / VHF antenna tilts 90 and rotates 270

.  6' / 1.8 m  coaxial connector  cable




Chimney Mount
Mount outdoor antenna to chimney. Securely situate your antenna outdoors.

Includes all hardware:

  • Two chimney mounts

  • Two U bolts

  • Screws, lock washers and hex-nuts

  • Product highlights

    Two chimney mounts
    Allow you to connect an antenna to a chimney

    Two U bolts
    These two bolts screw into the mounting brackets to secure the antenna.

    Screws, lock washers, hex-nuts
    This hardware secures the mounting brackets and U bolts.

    2-Way Combiner


    Flexible Antenna

    SMA Connector


    Telescopic Antenna


    Part Number Total Length Price Paypal
    A 5.5" $2.50

    B 17" $3.00

    C 24" $3.50


    Matching Transformer for FM Antenna



    Price:$ 3.95

    Antenna Cable

    FM Dipole antenna with arrow terminal
    Size: 5' x 6'


    Automatic Antenna Rotator

    Power Requirements: 115VAC, 60 Hz., .5 Amp
    Rotation: 360 in 78 seconds
    Mast Diameter: 1-1/8 - 1-3/4
    Motor Voltage: 18VAC
    Zinc Die-cast weatherproof motor housing


    3ft (90cm) "J" Pipe

    • Length: 3-feet (90cm)

    • Diameter: 1.2-inch (40mm)

    Price:$ 33.00

    Grounding  Block

    Price:$ 2.50

    Electrical Grounding Clamp

    1/2" -1" dia. pipe
    wire range: 8-2 AWG


    Price:$ 2.90