A-1 Electronic Parts Sealed Lead Acid Batteries

Welcome to the A-1 Electronic Parts Sealed Lead Acid Battery page.
We carry a variety of Sealed Lead Acid Batteries for a variety of purposes.
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Sealed lead acid batteries are the most common type of secondary or storage battery in use.
Where weight is not of significance, sealed lead acid batteries are typically used.
They are used for many purposes but typically used for uninterruptible power supplies,
emergency lighting and alarm systems.

Special Pricing for Fall 2021

Specifications: Model: Specifications: Model:
6V, 1.2AH  CB612 12V, 0.8AH WP0.8-12WL
6V, 4.0AH CB640 12V, 1.2AH CB1212
6V, 4.5AH CB650 12V, 2.3AH CB1223
6V, 5.0AH CB650 12V, 3.2AH CB1232
6V, 7.0AH CB670 12V, 4.0AH CB1240
6V, 8.5AH CB685 12V, 5.0AH CB1250
6V, 12.0AH CB6120 12V, 7.0AH CB1270
6V, 12.0AH CB6120T 12V, 7.2AH CB1272
    12V, 12AH CB12120
    12V, 18.0AH CB12180HR
    12V,20.0AH CB12200
    12V, 35.0AH PK12350
    12V, 40AH CB12400
    12V, 65AH CB12650