Super Fast Epoxy Cement

Adheres to plastic, metal & wood
No shrink
Interior / Exterior
Solvent free - no VOCs

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99.9% Alcohol





OZONE SAFE. Removes dust, dirt and other dry debris from sensitive surfaces and difficult to reach areas. Use for cleaning computers, keyboards, fax machines, circuit boards, photographic equipment, audio and video equipment, scientific instruments, TV, VCR, etc.


  • non flammable
  • leaves no residue

*Extension tube is included for precision spraying.

FREEZE (285g)


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OZONE SAFE. Instant cooling to -51C. Freeze can be used to locate thermal intermittents of all electronic components. Ideal for protection of electronic components during soldering. High purity formula leaves no residue.

*Extension tube is included for precision spraying.




>>High performance contact and electronic parts cleaner.

>>Quick drying

>>Safe on plastics

>> Leaves no residue

CONTACT CLEANER is a powerful cleaner and general purpose electronic degreaser. It effectively penetrates inaccessible areas and removes dirt, grease and other contaminants. This advanced formula is safe for most plastic as well as painted and plated surfaces. CONTACT CLEANER evaporates and leaves no residue. It is suitable for cleaning most electronical and electromechanical devices including electrical contacts, tape drives, electronic motors, controls, circuit breakers, rheostats, switches, telephones and many others.


*Extension tube is included for precision spraying.


CLEAN & LUBE (340g)


>>High performance cleaner and lubricant for electronic and electrical parts.

>>Quick drying

>>Safe on plastics


CLEAN & LUBE contains a blend of high purity solvents for effective cleaning and a special lubricant for restoring the smooth operation of moving parts. This advanced formula is safe on most plastic as well as painted and plated surfaces.

CLEAN & LUBE is suitable for cleaning and lubricating most electronic, electrical and electromechanical devices including contacts, controls, switches, servomechanisms, office equipment, power tools, and many others.


FLUX-TEK (510g)


>>Dissolves and cleans

>>Fast drying


FLUX-TEK will dissolve all resin and ionic fluxes and will clean circuit boards. It is ideal for the manufacture of circuit boards, repairs and all other type of work where flux removal is required.




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>>Ready to use

>>Copper etchant


FERRIC CHLORIDE is a very effective etching solution for copper printed circuit boards.