Restore missing video sync signals with our universal decoder.

NOTE: The case is not included

We've all encountered video signals with missing, weak, or noisy sync pulses that can make it difficult or impossible to use the signal. Those disturbances may cause rolling, tearing, or other instability in the displayed video image. The example we are all most familiar with is scrambled TV signal. The unit will restore usable sync to virtually any video signal. You can watch one scrambled show while taping another, to clean up Macrovision when watching a videotape, or to simply restore clean sync to a noisy video signal.

The technique of sync suppression and/or video inversion is used on both cable and satellite video transmissions. How that works is simple; the sync pulses are altered in either level or total amplitude, or omitted entirely from the video.

With all of those schemes, a "key" or pilot signal must be sent along with the scrambled signal, in order to properly reconstruct the missing or distorted sync signal. The key or pilot signal may take several forms.

WARNING: this device is intended for experimental use, and is definitely not intended for theft of scrambled materials.

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