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1 oz. (.0014") Copper
Singe Sided
Part Number Size Price Paypal
PCB35 3" x 5"
76mm x 127mm

PCB69 6" x 9"
151mm x 230mm

PCB810 8" x 10"
203mm x 254mm

PCB1212 12" x 12"
300mm x 300mm
$9.80 -

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This pen is filled with lacquer ink that is resistant against
aqueous PC etch solutions. Ideal for photo touch-up or
direct-etched boards with tight spaces.
Part Number Price Paypal
ER15 $2.92


Ferric  Chloride
( 1L )



>>Ready to use

>>Copper etchant

Ferric  Chloride is a very effective etching solution for
copper printed circuit boards

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