Strobe Light Kits


K14 Kit 14 110V & 240V Mains Powered Strobe Light

Kit contains Xenon Flashtube as found on aircraft, camera flash units, signal beacons and disco lights. Adjust to flash from 1 every three seconds to 3 flashes per second.

CAUTION: Connects directly to mains power supply. Must be put in a suitable enclosed box before using. Two PCBs for different mains voltage.

Scan of 240V PCB

Scan of 110V PCB


K162 Kit 162 6V DC Xenon Flasher

6V DC Xenon Flasher. Uses on-board EE16 transformer. Uses a neon to trigger the Xenon tube flash.


K163 Kit 163 12V DC Xenon Flasher

Uses a sidac instead of a neon tube to trigger the flash. Sidacs represent a unique set of thyristor qualities. The sidac is a bi-directional voltage triggered switch. Some characteristics of this device include a normal 95 to 330 volt switching point, negative resistance range, latching characteristics at turn-on and a low on-state voltage drop. One cycle surge current capability up to 20 amps makes the sidac an ideal product for dumping charged capacitors through an inductor in order to generate high-voltage pulses. Applications include light controls, high-pressure sodium lamp starters, power oscillators and high-voltage power supplies

Scan of PCB

FM Transmitter


K7 Kit 7 3V FM Transmitter

The most powerful 'bug' available for its size, 3V supply and number of components. Guaranteed to transmit over 100 meters within buildings and to 500 meters in the open. Easily tunable in the FM band. Greater range at higher voltage and better aerial.

For an excellent introduction to the theory of 'simple' 2 stage transmitters download FM Transmitter Theory 1.2MB

Scan of PCB


K16 Kit 16 FM Telephone Transmitter

Miniature transmitter which attaches in series with one of the two lines to your telephone. Transmits over 200 meters to an ordinary FM receiver. Transmits further if the FM receiver is near the phone line. Tune with ceramic trim cap. Uses the phone line as an aerial and power source.

Scan of PCB


K18 Kit 18 9V FM Transmitter

More powerful FM transmitter 'bug' than Kit 7. Tank oscillator coil built into the circuit board. Can be tuned anywhere in FM band. 9V battery operation. Over 400m range in the open depending on aerial used.

For an excellent introduction to the theory of 'simple' 2 stage transmitters download FM Transmitter Theory 1.2MB

Scan of PCB

K18 PCB now has 5 pairs of SM pads for SM resistors to be supplied later.


K28 Kit 28 Voice Activated FM Transmitter

A sound activated switch and an FM transmitter joined together to make a voice activated FM transmitter. Set the level of sound that it will respond to. Two stage transmitter needs tuning to get best results. Tuning Kit and instructions enclosed. Transmits up to 1 km in the open depending on the aerial used.

Scan of PCB

ZTX320 transistor specification


K32 Kit 32 Three Stage FM Transmitter

Our most powerful FM 'bug' to date. A two stage FM transmitter with an RF transistor (ZTX320) in the output stage. 9V operation. On/off switch mounted on the PCB.

See Kit 32 Report for independent test results on this Kit by Web-surf. For an excellent introduction to the theory of 'simple' 2 and 3 stage transmitters download FM Transmitter Theory 1.2MB

Scan of PCB

ZTX320 transistor specification


K51 Kit 51 Small 2.5cm x 1.5cm 9V Bug

No description.

Scan of PCB

Function Generator and Oscillator


K23 Kit 23 Op amp Function Generator

Good value-for money & simple circuit to generate square, (pseudo) sine and triangle waveforms in the audio range. Uses quad op amp LM348.

Scan of PCB


K111 Kit 111 Square Wave Oscillator

Simple circuit to generate square waves of approximately 1Hz 10Hz 100Hz 1KHz 10KHz & 100KHz.

Scan of PCB

Logic Probe


K24 Kit 24 Logic Probe

This is the most important piece of equipment for testing and measuring digital equipment. It is usually used in fault finding and testing but can also assist in design work and to find out how digital equipment works. Switch for either TTL or CMOS. Our own modern design using a PUT. Includes detection circuit for very fast pulses. Gives visual (3 LEDs) and audio (piezo buzzer) response.

Scan of PCB

Motor Speed Controllers


K67 Kit 67 DC Motor Speed Controller

Control the speed of any common DC motor rated up to 100V (5A). Operates on 5V to 15V. Uses NE556 to pulse-width modulate a high current switching power transistor, TIP122. In this way motor torque is maintained. Adjustable speed control. Box mounted.

Scan of PCB



Kit 166 Bidirectional DC Motor Speed Controller

This kit allows controlling the speed of a DC motor in both the forward and reverse direction. The range of control is from fully OFF to fully ON in both directions. Normally, switches are used to change the direction of rotation of a DC motor. Change the polarity of the applied voltage and the motor spins the other way! However this has the disadvantage that a DPDT switch has to be added to change the polarity of the applied voltage. Now you have two things to control the motor a direction switch as well as the speed control.

Also, it is not a good idea to suddenly reverse the voltage on a DC motor while it is spinning. It can cause a current surge that can burn out the speed controller. Not to mention any mechanical stress it can cause as well. This kit overcomes both these problems.

For more information click on the picture.   

Panel Meter Kits


K34 Kit 34 3 1/2 Digit LCD Panel Meter (using 7106)

Make this general purpose 3 1/2 digit LCD panel meter into your own voltage or current meter or custom-make it to measure voltage input from a transducer. Full details are given in the documentation. Uses the very popular 7106 IC. The LCD section of the PCB may be cut off and mounted separately.

Scan of PCB

LCD data sheet. VI302-DP-RC pdf file for Kits 2 and 34.

7106 Data Sheet.


K127 Kit 127 3 1/2 Digit Panel Meter

A double-sided board designed to eventually replace Kits 2 and 34.

LCD data sheet. VI302-DP-RC

Timers & Counters

Price: $30.25

K1 Kit 1 Three Digit LED Counter. Basic low cost counter

Two or more counter modules may be plugged together with the 6-pin sockets & harness provided. Uses a single-unit 3-digit LED display and is built around the 14553 & 14511 chips. Box & battery are provided. The separate COUNTER MODULE shows how to use the Kit as a counter. Has COUNT & RESET switches with debounce circuit built in to eliminate problems from noisy switches. 9V battery operation.

Scan of main PCB

Scan of counter module


K36 Kit 36 4 1/2 Digit LCD Counter (using 7224)

This general purpose 4 1/2 digit LCD counter is built around the 7224 IC. All the 7224 pins are brought out. You can custom design it for your own counter application.

Scan of PCB


K85 Kit 85 Three-In-One Timer circuits

We provide 3 complete text book timer circuits all in the one kit. One is traditional 555 timer circuit, the second uses a 555 to pulse a counter while the third uses the discharge of a capacitor to time a period.

Scan of Kit 85_1 PCB

Scan of Kit 85_2 PCB

Scan of Kit 85_3 PCB


Kit 129 4 Digit Up / Down Counter  using an Atmel micro-controller

The first in a series of counters using uC's. This kits clearly shows how uC can more than replace a host of ordinary logic IC's. This is a single-sided PCB. It will replace the old Kit 1. It will do much more than Kit 1 for about the same price.

Several versions of the software have been made in response to special customer requests. If you want these or similar small changes in the software for no extra cost contact us.
K129-5: Counts by 5
K129-5U: Same as "K129-5" except display is upside down
K129ND: Count up only, no debounce, display on/off via "Down" input

Kit 129 documentation


K148 Kit 148 UC Timer

4-digit Timing Module with 6 types of firmware. This kit is the hardware platform for a number of different timing modules. The hardware is the same for each kit - the only change is the firmware programmed into an AT89C2051-24PC microcontroller. The kit itself comes with one firmware chip, a Programmable Down Timer from a maximum of 10,000 seconds. Other firmware chips are listed below.

Simple Photographic Timer

Stopwatch with pause

40KHz auto ranging frequency meter

Programmable down timer from a maximum of 10,000 minutes

Programmable down timer from a maximum of 10,000 hours


K154 Kit 154 Four Digit Pre settable Down Counter

No description

Price: $ 18.90


General purpose pulse - pause timer for various interval timer automations
For intermittent operation of circuits and equipment.


  • blinking light, warning light
  • video/photo single frame shooting
  • slide projector control
  • miniature models applications
  • automated testing
  • automated aging tests


  • output relay with NO / NC contact: 3A
  • pulse time adjustable: between 0.5 and 5s
  • pause time adjustable: between 2.5 and 60s
  • power supply: 12Vdc / 100mA
  • dimensions: 40 x 85mm (1.6" x 3.4")
Voice Recorder Kits



K189 Kit189 17120 Second Voice Recorder Module

Non-volatile multi message recorder using ISD chips. Just change one resistor for longer duration. Standalone operation using just six onboard bottons. Record via built - in microphone or external line in.
Speaker and line out connector. SPI interface. 8-24 VDC


Radio Kits



K63 Kit 63 One Chip AM Radio

Complete AM radio on a PCB. Tuned radio frequency front-end, single chip RF amplifier & detector and two stages of amplification of the audio signal into a speaker. All components supplied. Coil prewound. Excellent for schools. Uses MK484 radio IC.

Scan of PCB



  • double fun: building and listening !
  • easy to assemble: no coils to wind
  • one single adjustment
  • pre-assembled and tested FM front end
  • receives the complete FM band: 88-108 MHz
  • with ON/OFF switch, volume control and LED indicator


  • power supply: 12V DC / 100mA (adaptor jack provided)
  • dimensions: 4.8" x 3.3"

Price: $28.20

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