Measuring Instruments


The K8031 is a digital storage oscilloscope, using a computer and its monitor to display waveforms. All standard oscilloscope functions are available in the Windows program supplied. Its operation is just like a normal oscilloscope. Connection is through the computer's parallel port, the scope is completely optically isolated from the computer port.

Price: $183.75



  • general:

    • 1 channel

    • input impedance: 1Mohm / 30pF

    • frequency response: 0Hz to 12MHz ( 3dB)

    • step markers for voltage, time and frequency

    • vertical resolution: 8 bit

    • auto setup function

    • optically isolated from computer

    • record and display of screens & data

    • supply voltage: 9 - 10V DC / 500mA

    • dimensions: 9" x 6.5" x 1.8"

    • weight: 14oz

  • minimum system requirements:

    • IBM compatible PC

    • Windows 98, ME, (Win2000 or NT possible), XP

    • SVGA display card (min. 800x600)

    • mouse

    • free printer port LPT1, LPT2 or LPT3

    • CD Rom player

  • options:

    • non-regulated single voltage adapter: AC input DC output 9V DC/850mA


  • oscilloscope:

    • timebase: 0.1s to 100ms per division

    • trigger source: CH1 or free run

    • trigger level: adjustable per division

    • input sensitivity: 10mV to 3V per division

    • record length: 4079 samples

    • sampling frequency: 800Hz to 32MHz (Real time)

    • true RMS readout (only AC component)

  • transient recorder:

    • timescale: 20ms/div to 2000s/div

    • max record time: 9.4hour/screen

    • automatic storage of data

    • automatic recording for more than 1 year

    • markers for time and amplitude

    • zoom function

  • spectrum analyzer:

    • frequency range: 0 .. 400Hz to 16MHz

    • linear or logarithmic timescale

    • zoom function




  • record DC signals or slow moving signals over very long period

  • the measurements are automatically stored on your hard disk for further processing

  • through the use of USB connection, there is no need for power supply and installation is easy and straight forward

  • signals are instantly displayed on the PC screen using analog or DVM display

  • USB cable included

  • PC-LAB2000 Software included

  • comes with enclosure


  • hardware:

    • USB connected and powered

    • four DC coupled input channels

    • input resistance: 1Mohm

    • maximum samples per second: 100

    • four input ranges: 3V / 6V / 15V and 30V

    • sensitivity: 10mV

    • accuracy: 3% of full scale

    • maximum input: 30V DC

    • power and recording/diagnostic LED

  • software:

    • analogue trace or digital DVM readout

    • 4 simultaneous channels recording

    • minimum / maximum sample hold function for DVM

    • from 1 sec to 1000 sec per division

    • storage and recall of screens (full color) or data

    • automatic recording option for long time recordings

    • on screen markers for time and voltage

    • DLL included for own development

  • system requirements:

    • PC, running Win98SE or higher (does not work on WinNT or Win95)

    • free USB port

    • mouse

    • CD-rom player

Price: $51.90


Price: $39.20

Great little gadget for service, repair, testing, education, etc...


  • microprocessor technology

  • digital waveform generation


  • sine wave: 50Hz, 100Hz, 1KHz, 10KHz, 20KHz

  • burst: 50Hz, 100Hz, 1KHz

  • burst mode: 20ms ON, 500ms OFF

  • noise: 32-bit digital pink noise

  • output level (10Kohm): 0 to 775mV (0dB)

  • outputs: 2 x RCA (cinch)

  • power supply: 2 x CR2016 or CR2025 battery (excl.)

  • dimensions: 3.4" x 2.0" x 1.0"


Price: $27.00

Applications : measure indoor and outdoor temperatures, control heating and/or cooling of rooms, equipment, etc... Monitor temperatures in processes, put a temperature readout on your website, check your pools temperature, ...


  • range: -20 ~ +70C

  • output: 0 ~ 20mA current loop

  • output voltage compliance: 10V

  • accuracy: 2 full range

  • one single adjustment

  • 3-wire system: GND, +V and OUT

  • power supply: 12VDC for 0 ~ 5V OUT / 15VDC for 0 ~ 10V OUT

  • current consumption: 30mA max.

  • dimensions: 55 x 35 x 15mm (2.2" x 1.4" x 0.6")


Miniature timer for all applications requiring a delay of up to 60 minutes. The control range may be adjusted.


  • power supply: 12VDC / 55mA

  • relay: 3A / 220V switchable

  • time interval (without modifications): adjustable from 0 to 15 minutes

  • PCB dimensions: 1.5" x 2.7"

Price: $17.40


Designed to control AC motors with carbon brushes (drilling machine, vacuum cleaner, saw, ). High torque, even at low r.p.m. May also be used for low voltage loads (24V). Supply and load circuit electrically isolated from one another.


  • voltage supply: 110-240V

  • load voltage: 24-240V AC / 5.5A max.

  • adjustable minimum r.p.m.

  • low interference level

  • range: 5-95%

  • PCB dimensions: 5.1" x 3.0"

Price: $47.00


This kit has been developed especially to be combined with the K6000RS or K6002 to build a temperature regulation and control system. The advantage of a separate sensor lies in the fact that the distance between the actual controller and the sensor is of no importance.


  • sensor temperature range: -40F to 302F

  • pulse width modulation: 200sec/F

  • linearity from -10C(14F) to 50C(122F): better than 0.5%

  • tested up to 164' (distance between sensor PCB and controller)

  • supply voltage: 12V DC ( 2V) non-regulated

  • current: 20mA max.

  • PCB dimensions: 1.8" x 1.9"

Price: $29.80


Unlike a normal thermostat, this kit has two outputs, one for "high" alarm, e.g. to switch on the air conditioning, and one for "low" alarm, e.g. to switch on the central heating. Both alarms are adjustable independently, each with their own hysteresis. Sensor K6001 included.


  • relay outputs: 5A / 220V AC switch-over contact

  • resolution: 0.1C

  • display from -40C to +150C

  • 24-hour clock (50Hz mains frequency)

  • alarm setting: from -50C to +154C

  • separate optocoupled sensor input (for K6001)

  • power supply: 9V AC / 300mA

  • front panel dimensions: 2.4" x 4.6", 3.2" depth

Price: $95.10


This temperature sensor has the same features as the K6001. In addition, it has an LED display, showing the following three items : 1) Current temperature reading ; 2) Minimum temperature setting ; 3) Maximum temperature setting. A splendid aluminum housing with front sticker is included.


  • min. and max. thermometer

  • sensor temperature range: -58F to +302F

  • can be set to degrees Celsius

  • display: 3 digits (0.1 display resolution)

  • power supply: 12 to 15V DC / 150mA

  • dimensions: 5.7" x 2.0" x 0.9"

Price: $79.80


14 different functions including timers, switching, flashing, interval, random switching, ... Two pre-programmed delays. Learning mode for delays of 2s up to 12 days. Pushbutton control. EEPROM for delay time storage in case of power failure. On-board transient filter for the relay contacts. Suitable for control of incandescent lighting, halogen lighting, fluorescent lighting, fans, valves, buzzers,...


  • operating voltages: 9-12V AC or 12V DC

  • max. load: 2.5A (275W / 110V)

  • dimensions pcb: 3.4" x 1.5" x 1.0"

Price $29.80


Price $29.80

The purpose of this kit is to activate and deactivate several electrical appliances simultaneously. By operating one single switch you can not only activate e.g. your pre-amplifier but also your power amplifier, CD or DVD player, etc. You can even operate a fan and a lamp simultaneously.


  • detects small resistive and inductive loads

  • adjustable sensitivity

  • protected against current variations in master load

  • relay contacts with inductive kick protection

  • power indication


  • Master + Slave (powered by module):

    • AC power: 115 or 230V AC

    • max. load: 2A (500W / 230V AC - 250W / 115V AC)

  • Slave only (powered externally):

    • AC power: 115 or 230V AC

    • max. load: 5A (1100W / 230V AC - 550W / 115V AC)

    • minimal detectable LOAD: 5W

  • dimensions: 4.2" x 4.0" x 1.8"

  • weight (net): 6.6 oz.


Price: $32.85


  • comes in handy for people counting, part counting, score keeping, ...

  • counts up or down

  • count input through on-board pushbuttons or by external pulses

  • display modes: normal or time (hh:mm and mm:ss)

  • an internal oscillator allows time measurement

  • programmable pre-set value with equal output

  • self diagnostic at power up

  • comes with easy board-to-wire connector (20cm wire)


  • counter input voltage: 3...12V DC (normal dry contact also possible)

  • EQUAL output: 5V DC / max. 50mA

  • max. counting speed: 200 / sec. (2 / sec. with long debounce delay)

  • max. count: 4 digits (9999 / 23h59m / 59m59s)

  • power supply: 9 - 12V DC or transformer 2 x 9V AC / 300mA

  • power consumption: 150mA max.

  • dimensions: 4.9" x 3.0"


Price: $24.20

Using this kit it is possible to switch on a fan (ventilator) together with the light. The fan will continue to run for a period of up to 5min (adjustable) after the light has been turned off. Very well suited for toilet or kitchen ventilation.


  • suitable for most types of ventilators

  • solid state switching with noise suppression

  • can be connected to existing installation

  • LED function indication

  • an also be used without light as fan delay timer


  • power supply: 110 to 240V AC (50/60Hz)

  • maximum load: 200W

  • delay range: from 10sec. to 5min.

  • dimensions: 3.2" x 2.4"



  • bright, red, jumbo-sized 7-segment displays (57mm).

  • complete with snap-in enclosure

  • multiple units can be linked in an easy way to create larger readouts for e.g. score-keeping, timing, counting, ...

  • easy platform-independent control via RS232 three-wire interface

  • up to 255 units can be separately addressed

  • tested with distances of up to 50m between PC and displays


  • power supply: 9 to 12Vdc / 120mA per display

  • RS232 interface: 2400baud / 8 data bits / no parity / 1 stop bit

  • dimensions: 74 x 58.5 x 32mm (2.9" x 2.3" x 1.3")

Price: $52.35


Price: $31.00

The power saver turns off your equipment after a preset time. It helps you save money and it increases safety.


  • single button operation with LED mode indicator

    • continuous: 24h turn-off timer

    • slow flashing: long timers

    • fast flashing: short timers

    • dim: off

  • choose short or long-running timers (one-time jumper setting)

  • 10A suppressed relay output

  • easy to add to existing equipment

  • applications:

    • automatically turn off heating, cooling, lighting, entertainment systems, fans, pumps, sprinklers, etc...


  • available timers: 1h / 2h / 4h / 8h / 24h

  • relay output: 10A / 240VAC max

  • power supply: 100 - 240VAC

  • dimensions: 65x50x26mm


6 x 1.42" high digits. Time, Date & temperature indication, selectable with toggle option. 1 sec. resolution chronometer with lap function. Count down function to a specific date, the last day H:M:S are displayed. Scoreboard function (two players or teams, count up to 199). Random generator from 00 to 99. 2 digit dice. Count function. Chime beep option. Relay output for temperature control or time alarm. US or Europe display option for time, date, degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit format. All functions and settings are wireless remote controlled (wired remote is possible).


  • fixed 433.92MHz transmitter frequency, as required by law

  • keychain remote control included

  • temperature indication: from -4F to +158F (resolution 1)

  • temperature indication: from 32F to +302F (resolution 2)

  • memory backup option: 9V battery or rechargeable battery

  • relay output: 1A / 24V max.

  • power supply: 12V DC / 300mA

  • PCB dimensions: 10.0" x 3.2"

Price: $109.20