We recycle used computers, computer parts, electronic parts, test equipment, printers and other office/electronic gear.

We recycle all sorts of electronic gear. Need somewhere to take your old computer equipment without putting it to the curb and paying the expense of city garbage collection fees? Contact us at (416) 255 0343, or send us an email.

In some instances we will pick items up. We accept delivery of items any time between 10AM and 6PM, Monday to Saturday.


A1 Electronics recycles any electronic or computer equipment you may have, including:

  • Fax machines and fax equipment
  • Desktop computers, IBM PC clones or Macintosh, almost any vintage
  • Desktop computer monitors of any sort
  • Security camera equipment and monitors
  • Networking equipment such as ethernet hubs, routers, rackmount units, ISP surplus and MAU units
  • Computer printers including laser printers and photocopiers
  • Power supplies and other power generation equipment
  • Uninterruptable power supplies
  • Electronic tubes and tube testing equipment
  • Electronic parts surplus including capacitors, resistors, LEDs, ICs, tools and other items

Email us if you have any questions.

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    A1 Electronic Parts
    196 North Queen St.
    Toronto, Ontario
    M9C 4Y1
    Tel: (416) 255-0343
    Fax: (416) 255-4617