GBW Oscilloscopes

We sell a wide range of high-quality analog, and a digital storage oscilloscope.
 These units have a bandwidth of 10 MHz for the least expensive unit, ranging to 100 MHz for high-end.
The digital storage unit has a 100 MHz bandwidth, with a colour LCD display. Probes and accessories are also available.

50MHz Digital Oscilloscope Handheld Tester      


Digital Oscilloscope / Signal Generator / Frequency Counter /
Digital  Multimeter / LCR Electric Bridge
50MHz digital Storage oscilloscope
6600 count high precision digital multimeter
DDS function generator : 10Hz ~ 156 kHz
Frequency / duty ratio test : 60MHz
156kHz auto - range inductance test
Oscilloscope mode can measure parameters include Vp-p, +Vp, -Vp,Hz,T,DV,Dt
Capacitance measurement range up to 66000µF
60MΩ resistance test (LCR)
Display : 3.8", 320 x 240, LED back-lit, contrast adjustable
Built-in 1600mAh Ni-MH rechargeable battery and AC charger
Battery life : 5~6 hours
External 10/1A switching power supply
Included accessories:
AT-H501 Scopemeter Multimeter probes
Oscilloscope Probes Signal Generator cable
LC test cable Current Adapter Charger
Triode / Crystal Oscillator USB cable
PC Software CD User manual



Digital Storage Oscilloscope

100 Mhz


(sold out)


Channels 2+Ext. Trigger
Bandwidth 100Mhz
Rising Time 3.5ns
Time base 1ns to 50s/div
Real time sample rate 165a/a
Equivalent Sample Rate 50GSa/s
Input impedance 1MΩ / / 13pF
Input coupling DC, AC, GND
Trigger Edge, video, pulse, delay
Acquisition modes Auto, normal, single
Trigger sources CH1, CH2, Ext, Ext/5, Ext (50Ω)
Horizontal Accuracy ±0.01%
Vertical sensitivity 2 mV/div to 5V/div
Vertical resolution 8bit
Max input voltage 400V(DC+AC peak) 5Vrms@50Ω
Auto measurements Vpp, Vamp, Vrms, Vmin, Vtop, Vbase, Vavg, Freq, Period, Rise time
Fall time,+width, -width, overshoot, preshoot, +duty, -duty, etc
Math +-x÷FFT
Storage   10wave forms, 10 steps
FFT Window Hanning hamming, Blackman-harris, rectangylar
Sample points 1024points
X-Y Bandwidth 200MHz
Phase diff ±3 degrees
Display A/CA: mono /color, 320 x 240 resolution
Power supply Worldwide 100-225 V/40VA Max
Interface USB port
Accessories Probe x 2, power cord, user`s manual
Dimension 303mm*288mm*145mm(L×W×H)
Weight 3 KG

100 Mhz

Size:  339mm*110.5mm*148.5mm(L×W×H)
Weight: 2.4KG




Spectrum Analyzer




-100 to +13dBm Amplitude range 20kHz 400kHz and Video-Filter

Evolution of the original SM5005 has LED to the new SM5010
Spectrum Analyzer which now extends operation over 1 GHz (frequency range 0.15 to 1050 MHz)  coarse center frequency controls combined with a scan width selector provide simple frequency domain measurements from 100 kHz/div To 100 MHz/Div .The instruments are suitable for pre-compliance testing during development prior to third party testing. A near-field sniffer probe set. board emission hot spots and evaluate to type level. The combination  of SM5010 with the Mz530 is an excellent solution for RF leakage /radiation detection , CATV/MATV system troubleshooting, cellular telephone/pocket pager test and EMC diagnostics.

Frequency range 0.15MHz to 1050MHz(-3dB)
Center frequency display accuracy ±100kHz
Marker accuracy (0.1% span ±100kHz)
Frequency display res 100kHz (4 1/2digit LED)
Frequency scanwidth 100kHz / div (Zero Scan)
Input impedance 50Ω
Output Voltage +1dBm to 50dBm(50Ω)
Input  connector BNC
Input attenuator 0 to 40 dB (4 x 10dB steps)
Input Power 110 V
Size 285(W) x 125(H) x 380(D)mm



Save $70

Special: $629.00


WAS . $1198.00
$ 1098.00
Power Supply: AC 110V/220V± 10%, 50Hz, 30W max.
Dimensions & Weight: 350 x 145 x 288mm, ~5.0kgs
Accessories: Probes and power cord


50M Digital Storage Oscilloscope

was: $249
Winter Special  $229.00

50M digital storage oscilloscope
3.5 inch 320*240 LED back-lit color display
10Hz~156kHz function signal generator
Clock and calendar
One keypress leads to auto measurement function
Auto zero calibration
Vp-p,+Vp,-Vp,f,T,dV,dt readout and measurement parameters setup
Save/recall 40DSO waveforms
Auto power-off and consistent power-on modes.When being recharged,DSO switches to consistent power-on mode.
1600mHh rechargeable Li-battery and external AC power supply
Function generator provides Sine,triangle,Sawtooth and square wave.Can be used together with DSO to create a testing system
200us/400us square wave can be utilized to test the ringing signal of interturn short-circuit.


Sampling Rate 200M Sample/Sec (Single Ch)
Bandwidth DC~50MHz(X10 probe),DC~6MHz(X1 probe)
Input DC, AC
Vertical Sensitivity 10mV/div to 50V/div in 1-2-5 steps
Vertical  Accuracy ±(5% + 0.1div)
Sweep Rate 5ns/div to 2.5s/div in 1-2.5-5 steps
Time base accuracy ±(0.01% +0.1div)
Auto zero calibration Yes
Trigger Mode Normal, Single
Edge trigger type Rising / falling
Trigger lever range ±3.8div (0.04 div per step)
Auto measure setup Auto time base/amplitude setup
Auto measure function Vp-p,+Vp.-Vp,f,T
Auto measure accuracy ±(5% + 0.1 div)
Waveform storage 40 sets
Waveform interpolation Sinx) /x
Auto power off 10 mins
Recharge time More than 4 hours
Battery life 3 hours



USB-PC Scope + Generator (2CH.)



$ 239.00

Feature-packed PcLab2000-LT software for two channel oscilloscope, spectrum analyser, recorder, function generator and bode plotter. With the generator, you can create your own waveforms using the integrated signal wave editor. For automated measurements, it is even possible to generate wave sequences, using file or computer RS232 input.

  • function generator:

    • crystal-based stability

    • standard waveforms: sine, square and triangle

    • predefined library waveforms included: sine(x)/x, DCV, sweep, ...

  • oscilloscope:

    • auto set-up function and X10 option

    • pre-trigger function

    • readouts: True RMS, dBV, dBm, p to p, Duty cycle, Frequency…

  • transient recorder:

    • automatic storage of data

    • automatic recording for more than 1 year

    • record and display of screens

  • bode Plotter:

    • automated sync between oscilloscope and generator

    • logatithmic scale option

    • Volt or dB display scale

    • phase plot option

  • spectrum analyser:

    • linear or logarithmic timescale

    • operating principle: FFT (Fast Fourier Transform)

    • FFT input channel: CH1 or CH2

    • zoom function

  • in the box:

    • getting started manual

    • USB PC Scope+generator unit

    • USB cable

    • software on CD

    • 1 x 60MHz scope probe

    • BNC adapter, BNC male to RCA female (CBNC15)

  • general:

    • markers for: amplitude/voltage and frequency/time

    • input coupling: DC, AC and GND

    • Supply from USB port (500mA)

    • dimensions: 8.2 x 2.2 x 7"

  • function generator:

    • amplitude range: 100mVpp to 10Vpp @ 1KHz// 600ohm load / 0V offset

    • offset: from 0 to -5V or +5V max. (resolution 0.4% of full scale)

    • vertical resolution: 8 bits

    • square wave rise/fall time: 0.2µs

    • sample rate: 12.5MHz

    • typical sine wave distortion (THD): < 1%

    • output impedance: 50ohm

    • frequency range: from 0.005Hz to 500kHz

  • oscilloscope:

    • bandwidth: two channels DC to 12 MHz ±3dB

    • input impedance: 1 Mohm / 30pF

    • maximum input voltage: 30V (AC + DC)

    • time base: 0.1µs to 500ms per division

    • input range: 10mV to 3V/division

    • input sensitivity: 0.3mV display resolution

    • record length: 4K samples / channel

    • sampling frequency: 250Hz to 25MHz

  • transient recorder:

    • timescale: 20ms/Div to 2000s/Div

    • max record time: 9.4hour/screen

    • max. number of samples: 100/s

    • min. number of samples: 1 sample/20s

  • bode Plotter:

    • voltage range: 10mV, 30mV, 0.1V, 0.3V, 1V, 3V

    • frequency range: 1kHz , 10kHz, 100kHz, 500kHz

    • Frequncy start: 10Hz, 100Hz, 1kHz, 10kHz

  • spectrum analyser:

    • frequency range: 0 .. 120Hz to 12MHz

    • FFT resolution: 2048 lines

  • minimum system requirements:

    • IBM compatible PC

    • Windows™ 2000, XP, Vista *

    • SVGA display card (min.1024 x 768)

    • mouse

    • free USB port 1.1 or 2.0

    • CD Rom player






Analog GBW-ST16B - 10 MHz




Technical Specifications:

Vertical System:
Bandwidth ( -3dB ): DC 0 - 10MHz , AC 10Hz 10MHz Deflection: 10mV / div ~ 10v / div Rise Time: 35ns Impedance: 1M, 30pF ( Direct ) Max Input Voltage: 400v ( DC + AC Peak ).

Horizontal System:
Sweep Rate: 0.1S - 0.1 µS /div Variable Ratio: >2.5 : 1

Trigger System:
Trigger Source: INT, EXT, Line Trigger Mode: normal, auto, TV, trig lock Trigger Sensitivity: Int 1.5V /div, Ext 0.3v
X-Y Mode: Deflection: 0.2/div ~ 0.5v /div Bandwidth ( -3dB ): DC / 10Hz - 1MHz
Calibrate Signal: Rectangular wave, 0.5v pp, 1KHz.
Weight: Approx 4.8Kg.


Analog YB 4328 - 20MHz



Technical Specifications:

Vertical System:
Bandwidth ( -3dB ): DC/ 10Hz - 20MHz, Mode: Y1, Y2, ALT, CHOP, ADD, X-Y Deflection: 5mV / div ~ 10V / div, 11 step Mag Ratio: x5 Rise Time: 18ns ( 70ns after mag. ) Impedance: 1M, 25 pF Max Voltage: 400v ( DC + AC Peak )

Horizontal System:
Sweep Mode: Auto, Trig, Trig, Trig Lock, Single Time Sweep Rate: 0.2S - 0.1 uS / div Mag Ratio: x5

Trigger System:
Trigger Source: Y1, Y2, Alt, Line, Ext Trigger Sensitivity: 20Hz - 40 MHz 2div, Ext 0.2v p-p Sync Range: 50Hz - 20Mhz Impedance ( Ext ) 1 M, 20pF
X-Y Mode:
Deflection: 5mV/div ~ 10V/div Bandwidth ( -3dB ): DC / 10Hz - 1MHz Calibrate Signal: Rectangular wave, 0.5v pp, 1KHz.
Weight: Approx 7.2 Kg


Analog  YB 4340 - 40MHz



Technical Specifications:

Vertical System:
Bandwidth ( -3dB ): DC/ 10Hz - 40MHz, Mode: CH1, CH2, Dual, ADD Deflection: 5mV / div ~ 5V / div, 10 step Mag Ratio: x5 Rise Time: 8.8ns Impedance: 1M, 25 pF Max Voltage: 300v ( DC + AC Peak )

Horizontal System:
Sweep Mode: x1, x5, x5 Alter Sweep Rate: 0.2S - 0.1 uS / div Mag Ratio: x5

Trigger System:
Mode: auto, normal, TV-V, TV-H Trigger Source: Int, Ch2, Line, Ext Trigger Sensitivity: 10Hz - 40 MHz 2div, Ext 0.2v p-p TV Sync: Int 1 div, Ext 1V p-p
X-Y Mode:
Deflection: 5mV/div ~ 5V/div Bandwidth ( -3dB ): DC / 10Hz - 500 KHz Calibrate Signal: Rectangular wave, 0.5v pp, 1KHz.
Weight: Approx 4.8Kg.


Digital Storage Oscilloscope

YB-54060 - 60 MHz



Technical Specifications:

Bandwidth: DC ~ 60 MHz Sampling Rate: 10GHz Channel: CH1, CH2 Storage Memory: 16k / ch Vertical Sensitivity: 2mV / div ~ 5V / div Vertical Resolution: 8 bit Input Impedance: 1M, 13pF Input Coupling: DC, AC, GND Time Base: 2.5ns - 5S / div Trig Source: CH1, CH2, Ext, Ext /5, Line Trig Mode: Auto, Normal, Single Time Trig Type: Edge, TV, 50% Horizontal Accuracy: 0.01% Horizontal Resolution: 100ps Max Voltage: 400v ( DC + AC Peak ) Auto Measurement: Vpp, Vmax, Vmin, Vtop, Vbase, Vavg,Vrms, Freq, Risetime, Falltime, Period, +Width, -Width, etc. Cursor Measurement: Manual Trace, Auto Storage Function: 5 waves, 5 setups X-Y Mode: 60 MHz Bandwidth, Phase Error, 3 deg. Display Mode: Colour VGA, 320x240

Weight: Approx 4.5 Kg