Photovoltaic Solar Panel

Photovoltaic (PV) panels convert sunlight directly into electricity. PV technology is the ultimate source of electric power for
 the 21st century, utilizing a clean renewable source. The system consists of a PV array (solar panel),
 generating DC electricity, an inverter which converts the DC to standard AC electricity,
compatible with the electrical grid and capable of powering electrical devices.

How does a solar cell work?
A solar cell is a solid state device that converts sunlight directly to electricity.
The cells can be wired in series or parallel to achieve various electrical voltages and currents.
A typical single crystalline cell produces about 0.5 volts, and about 3 to 5 amperes.

What is a solar module?
A solar module is made up solar cells laminated to glass and usually framed with aluminum.
Interconnect wires or junction boxes allow one to connect the (+) or (-) of the module to adjacent
modules or an electrical load. Solar modules produce direct current electricity.

What is a solar panel?
Photovoltaic panels include one or more PV modules assembled
as a pre-wired, field-installable unit.

What is a solar array?
A photovoltaic array is the complete power-generating unit,
 consisting of any number of solar modules and panels.


We have several panels available for sale through our website. They vary in size and power.


Solar Cells

Flexible  Solar Panel


2.1 watt / 2.8 volt / 0.75 amp







-Powered by natural sunlight

-Articulating light bar

-Built-in recharging solar array

 $ 4.90




2.25 Volt     80 MA



GW - 5D

11" Long 10.5" High





SOLAR Garden Lights

 One Solarpanel,
 One rechargeable Battery
and one white LED

DC Voltage Controller for Solar Energy

12V 3A


12V-24V  10A

Size: 130mm x 75mm x 35mm


12V-24V  20A

Size: 170mm x 88mm x 35mm


12V-24V  30A


12V-24V  50A


12V-24V  60A

Size: 190mm x 135mm x 60mm



12V-24V  60A

Size: 190mm x 125mm x 60mm



48V  60A

Size: 190mm x 125mm x 60mm