1650 Potted Picture


Key Features:

Cat. No.

Audio Watts

Primary Impedance

Max. DC Per Side

Secondary Impedance

Wt. Lbs.



1650PAP 60 6600 ct
200 ma.
4/8/16 10 $264.81

Notes: The above examples of possible combinations are to help you narrow down the choices of transformers for your favorite tube types. How you operate the tubes (push-pull, push-pull parallel, ultra-linear, class, B+, bias, operating points, etc.) will change optimum plate to plate load impedance. Only a few of the most popular tubes are shown. As more tubes become available we will add them to the list.
A tube manual or tube manufacturer's technical data sheets should be consulted first, before making a decision on a proper output transformer.

Mechanical Data:

1650 Potted (Side View)
1650 Potted (Bottom View)


Schematic & Hook Up Data:

1650 Potted Schematic

Secondary Connections

 Secondary Schematic (4 Ohm)

Secondary Schematic (8 Ohm)

Secondary Schematic (16 Ohm)